About this site

This site contains the collected genealogy information, photographs, stories, letters and documents associated with our Miller, Watson and related families.The information goes back many generations - to the time of the United States Revolutionary War and before. It is difficult to list all the families here. In just three generations it is sixteen families: Miller, Hollis, Collins, Pennington, Graves, Butler, Graham and Jackson; Watson, Stigall, Willson, Harris, Johnson, Rials, Cull, and Teasley. Early members of the four main branches of the family include:

  • John Miller, a blacksmith, was born in Pennsylvania in 1748 and was one of the early settlers of the Long Cane area, currently Abbeville County, in South Carolina. our part of the Miller family moved to Mississippi in the late 1800s.
  • Robert Watson immigrated to the United States in 1789 from Northern Ireland and worked his way to Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, then to Christian County, Kentucky and finally to Lowndes County, Mississippi.
  • John Hollis immigrated to Virginia from England in about 1740 and ran an Ordinary (Tavern and Inn) and farmed tobacco in Fairfax County, Virginia. Many of his descendants moved to Fairfield County, South Carolina. Our part of the Hollis family moved to Alabama in the mid 1800s and to Mississppi in the early 1900s.
  • William Stedall (Stigall) arrived in Virginia from England in 1635. The family lived in the New Kent, Brunswick and Halifax County area of Virginia. Our part of the Stigall family moved to Kentucky in the mid 1850s.

The Site Contains two major sections:

Family History

  • George Hollis Miller and Mary Sue Watson Family
  • Family History
  • Family History Reports
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The George Hollis Miller and Mary Sue Watson Family section contains a five generation pedigree and short family histories of our direct family ancestors. The Family History Report Section has links to pdf files with register reports for all of the major ancestor families. The Genealogy Database includes a link to a REUNION 10 generated family tree with all of the individuals and families I have information on. This family tree includes pictures where available, notes and stories. Also included is the underlying database in gedcom format and a media file with all the pictures displayed in the family tree. These can be downloaded and used to populate most genealogy software programs.


  • Photographs
  • Documents

The photographs and documents are generally organized by the last name of the family or subject. For some families and subjects there are individual pages for each person. In the documents section, letters are generally labeled by the author, who the letter was written to and filed by the most dominant subject of the letter.

Access to the site

Access to the main site is password protected. Please contact George Miller at the email address below to gain acesss to the main Genealogy Site or the Family Tree. There is also a public family tree: Miller/Hollis/Watson/Stigall on Ancestry.com for those with accounts.

The information in this site is current as of March 2013 and will be updated when major new information becomes available.


The information contained in this site has been assembled from the work of a number of people.Thanks to all the friends and relatives for generously making their material available and helping to answer a multitude of questions.Of particular note are Florence Graves Miller, Erskine Ralph Miller, Richard Alvey Miller, Walter Elwood Hollis, Robert Hollis McKenchnie, Bob Thompson, Thomas Willson Watson, Belin and Patsy Watson and Mrs. Edith Jackson Hankins. Material on the family of Mary C. Miller and Andrew Johnson Liddell as well as other material on the history of the pre-Revolutionary War and Revolutionary War came from Joseph Major and Ann Major Doggett. Material on the family of George McDuffie Miller came from Becky Aiken and George Augustus Miller. Material on the Crawford family came from Deborah Crawford McPherson. I received much help on the early Hollis family from Glen Fine, and Kawatha Koonce. I have been greatly helped by a number of excellent books; of particular value are "The Story of Moses Collins" by Dr. A. O. Collins, "Daniel Begat" by Robert Lee and Edith Jackson Hankins and Florence Jackson Hankins and "The Hollies" by Patrick Donegan Hollis. I have tried to appropriately reference not only their work but all the many other materials collected.

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